Agrokoncernas supplies the Lithuanian market with selected agricultural products (fertilizers, soil improvers) and develops plant growing technologies in cooperation with world-renowned fertilizer companies. At the moment Agrokoncernas offers a wide range of complex fertilizers with over 20 different names of macro-microelement fertilizers. Agroplus and Agrotop line was created in cooperation with partners according to the instructions of Agrokoncernas. Agroplus and Agrotop products are for spraying through plant leaves with 15 different names for liquid and mineral fertilizers to supply plants with nutrients through plant roots from the soil. Lithuanian farmers can purchase these products in 15 sales points throughout the country. During a year Agrokoncernas sells fertilizers to Lithuanian market for more than EUR 80 million.


Fertilizers are sold not only in Lithuanian market, but also exported to Poland, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Our team has been testing macronutrient and microelement fertilizers in cooperation with various scientific institutions for more than 15 years in order to determine the most efficient fertilization solutions. We invest in different trials and other technological solutions from product compatibility during vegetation period.