Agricultural companies

The enterprises of the Agrokoncernas Group own over 35 thousand ha of land. The main farming activities include plant production (cereals and oilseed rape), seed breeding (certified seeds of cereals, oilseed rape) and animal husbandry (dairy farming). During the field days organised by agricultural companies (ŽŪB), Lithuanian farmers can familiarize themselves with plant growing technologies and innovations to them, and share experience in relevant issues.
The aforementioned agricultural companies produce certified cereal and rapeseed, while Žvirblonių ŽŪB and Draugo ŽŪB, along with seed breeding, are engaged in animal husbandry - they rear breeding heifers both for their own herd replacement and sale. Šiaulių agrocentras, UAB, Bridų ŽŪB, Radviliškio agrocentras, UAB, Pakruojo agrocentras, UAB, Marijampolės agrocentras, UAB and other agricultural companies have expanded their activities in plant production too. Obviously, it is a great advantage for the Agrokoncernas Group to have in-house farms. The practical expertise gained on such farms allows more efficient and better consultation with farmers on issues related to plant protection, fertilization and varieties selection.