Agrokoncernas, UAB stocks for sale to farmers one of the best selections of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and complex fertilizers. In 2006, trading in liquid fertilizer was started from two terminals in the Pavenčiai (Šiauliai District) and Mauručiai (Prienai District) Agrocentres. The sale of fertilizer is not limited to the local market; fertilizers are also exported to Poland, Latvia, Estonia and other countries. Presently, Agrokoncernas, UAB offers farmers 11 to 20 types of different single and complex mineral fertilizers.

Trading in microelement fertilizer is also expanding. For over ten years, the company has been supplying farmers with high concentration microelement fertilizers for crop foliar feeding. The farmers set a high value on microelement fertilizers of excellent composition for different plant types. The AGROPLUS
trademark fertilizer is supplied to the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets.
The up-to-date microelement fertilizers not only contain high quantities of the elements necessary for plants, but also contain high quality chemical
compounds characterized by their good compatibility with the majority of other products used in agriculture. The composition of the liquid ready-to-use microelement fertilizer includes surface active materials, materials for increasing the absorption of elements into plants, glue reducing leaching from plants and dispersant materials providing stability to the product during storage.

The assortment of macro and micro fertilizers offered to the farmers includes all the most important nutrients required for plant growing and development. The supply of AGROPLUS NPK foliar feeding fertilizer to the farmers was started in 2012.

Regional representatives of Agrokoncernas, UAB provide consultations to farmers on issues regarding the appropriate choice and timely application of fertilizers.