Plant protection

Agrokoncernas, UAB, in cooperation with worldwide renowned companies, has been importing and selling plant protection products on the Lithuanian market for more than twenty years. Said products make about 25% of all the plant protection products consumed in this country, basically to protect cereals, oilseed rape and sugar beet from diseases and pests. Nowadays, the company sells over 80 plant protection products of many manufacturers from different countries of the world. Nowadays, Agrokoncernas, UAB, by virtue of the experience gained during twenty years, variety of products and appreciation from the farmers, is one of the leading companies in the field of plant protection products on the Lithuanian market.

The main objective of Agrokoncernas, UAB in the field of plant protection is to find a solution for any plant protection issue and to achieve top economic efficiency. The company seeks this objective for the sake of Agrokoncernas Group’s farms too, since they are also consumers of the plant protection products sold by the company. Practical experience gained in the in-house farms affords the grounds for offering specific advice to the farmers on how to achieve the best results by bringing proper plant protection solutions into effect.

The company applies a flexible payment system with regard to plant protection products. Farmers have a possibility to be credited, i.e. they can pay for the products in autumn, after selling the crops.
Professional plant protection recommendations are related to prompt delivery of the products to the customers. Agrokoncernas, UAB has 15 plant protection product storehouses located in different districts of the country. A huge fleet of motor vehicles of the Agrokoncernas Group provides it with the ability to maintain fast delivery of goods even during the peak of the season.
30 agronomists give professional recommendations to the farmers on the use of plant protection products. Their know-how is also transferred to the customers by providing on-site consultations or by organizing different events. In 2015, about 1200 farmers attended the field days organized by our company and 1300 farmers took part in the workshops.