Agrokoncernas, UAB has been engaged in seed breeding since 1997. A great deal of attention is paid to the yield potential of varieties, resistance to diseases, quality of harvest and winter cropping. The testing of new varieties takes several years on the farms of the Agrokoncernas Group and only those varieties are selected, which exceed previously grown ones in terms of economic value. A major part of the varieties is also investigated through state plant varieties testing and compared with the other ones grown and offered for sale in Lithuania. The choice of valuable varieties not only contributes to the increased yields of the Agrokoncernas Group farms, but also to the annual increase in the sales of seeds and financial results.

The agricultural companies of the Agrokoncernas Group are engaged in breeding the most select and suitable varieties, which are then recommended for Lithuanian farmers to grow.
Collaboration is being developed with one of the world’s largest seed breeders, LIMAGRAIN, a merger that unified the NICKERSON, ADVANTA and CEBECO companies made famous by their history and experience. Collaboration is also underway with such companies as IHAR STRZELCE,
Farmers commonly opt for the ROSPUDA, ETHOS, EDVIN and AZIT summer cereal varieties, along with the MERCEDES H, ANDERSON H, ARTOGA H, DK SENSEI H, SMILA H and MIRAKEL H oilseed rape varieties, and the CATHY, MONTY, GLORY and LG 30.240 maize hybrids, etc. ARTIST, DAGMAR and JANNE winter wheat, and BOROWIK, winter triticale, the varieties just introduced, make their way successfully into the market.