In total, over 1300 employees work at the enterprises of the Agrokoncernas Group. Well-balanced collective work ensures efficient business activities at all the enterprises of the Agrokoncernas Group. Over 35 employees, regional representatives of the Agrokoncernas Group are responsible for the products offered to farmers. The company seeks to train customers how to properly and in a timely manner, apply plant protection products and fertilizers on the farms, thus ensuring the optimum efficiency of the product use. Approximately 100 employees work at the agrochemical warehouses to ensure smooth receiving, storage and loading of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Over 70 persons work in the logistics division, where the key target is efficient transport and timely delivery of goods to customers. The total fleet of the
Agrokoncernas Group’s motor vehicles consists of 53 trucks that deliver over 600 thousand tons of cargo per year.

About 30 employees of Agrokoncerno technika, UAB work in the sector of agricultural machinery, where they are engaged in planning of sale and
maintenance of the machinery. The sale of agricultural machinery oriented towards offering new machinery is a guarantee of quality services.

Receiving and storing the grain bought from farmers is the responsibility of over 100 employees working at the grain elevators. Over 600 workers work
at the farms of the Agrokoncernas Group, where they are engaged in raising livestock and crop growth, including handling and sales.

It is evident that one of the foremost priorities of the Agrokoncernas Group is the employees’ professional development and upgrading of skills, as well as improvement of the technical facilities.