Social activities

The employees of the Agrokoncernas Group contribute actively to foster traditions, cultural heritage, sports and communal activities in the village of Naisiai, Šiauliai Region, where Ramūnas Karbauskis, President of the Agrokoncernas Group, was born.

Although the village of Naisiai is small, its cultural life is very active. Hobbies and diverse activities bond the community of Naisai together. There is no lack of museums in Naisiai, e.g. Baltic Divinities’ Museum, one of a kind in Lithuania, a unique Nesting Boxes Museum, Šiauliai Region Literature Museum, Baltic Herb Museum, and Historical Museum of Naisiai Region. The Naisiai Summer Theatre has operated for almost five years. The Naisiai sports club, Forsas bodybuilding club, and the Austėja and Seklyčia clubs founded by women, as well as one of the largest paintball centres in Lithuania are active in the village. This year, the Baltic Arena with the seating capacity of 20 thousand was erected in Naisiai.

The Šiauliai District Youth Centre was founded upon the initiative of Ramūnas Karbauskis, President of the Agrokoncernas Group. The activity of the Centre is based on a volunteerism and the concept of Open Youth Centres. It is located in well outfitted premises, where activities take place on a daily basis. The objective of the Youth Centre is to increase the level of maturity of young persons and to secure their successful integration into society. The Centre is aimed at public youth activities, informal education, satisfaction of youth’s needs, and support of their initiatives.

In 2010, the farm of Ramūnas Karbauskis was recognised as the most progressive one in Lithuania in the field of protecting farm animals’ genetic resources. A breeding ground for Žemaitukai (a Lithuanian horse breed) was founded in 2004, and presently 30 pedigreed horses are being raised there. The farm has provided excellent conditions for Žemaitukai breeding and training.

This year in Naisiai, a small Lithuanian capital of culture, the Naisiai Summer all-Lithuanian family sober Festival, which has become a tradition, has brought together Lithuanian families for the sixth time. The Festival never fails to amaze its visitors with a new topic of events – this year a special attention has been paid to culture. Two-day long Festival is distinguished by the abundance of high quality cultural events. Only live music is heard, Naisiai Summer Theatre offers free performances, and great attention is paid to introduction of the Baltic culture. Every time the children and their parents are involved into the programme of an amazingly wide variety of educational activities and art workshops. The Festival takes full advantage of all possible spaces in Naisiai and fills them with different entertainment. Cordial meetings with famous and important for Lithuanian culture personalities are organized, and the most modern arts introduced. Spectacular performances by Žemaitukai horses fascinate the visitors. Approximately 40 thousand visitors arrive at the Festival each year.


In 2010, this film was awarded a Silver Crane, a Lithuanian cinema and television film award, as the best film made for television. The TV series is about present-day country life, its troubles and joys. The village of Naisiai, where it was shot, provides a good example of the Lithuanian countryside as a communal beacon of culture. The year 2015 is the sixth season for Naisiai Summer on TV.