Vision and mission

Vision. A trustworthy and professional partner of agricultural farmers providing the most beneficial conditions for cooperation.

Mission. Providing farmers with high quality and the effective means needed for farming as well as maintenance and consultation services to assist them in the implementation of practical farming innovations.

Strategy. Being flexible and competitive in the agricultural market, building customer trust, expanding cooperation, raising the competence of employees, deepening their knowledge, improving working conditions and fostering current values.

Employees. The Agrokoncernas Group currently is one of the top agricultural leaders in Lithuania. The high professionalism of its employees is well known and appreciated by agricultural farmers. The Agrokoncernas Group currently employs more than one thousand three hundred employees working in such different fields of expertise as fertilizers, seeds, plant protection means, sales of agricultural equipment, buying of grain and rapeseed, production of agricultural goods, and logistics. Although everybody works in rather different fields, the goal is the same – to provide customers with high quality services, tools and technology.
Professionalism. Regular renewal of knowledge and the search for new opportunities and dynamics of activities allow for the improvement of the professional qualities of our employees in order for them to be able to make the best decisions, provide services, trade and engage in farming.
Responsibility. It is a basis for trust. Things that are mutually agreed upon and approved with a customer are always done. We recommend only what we ourselves believe in. Long term cooperation with agricultural farmers and business partners demonstrates that we are responsible; we respect our customers and always try to justify their trust.
Diligence. In the heat of the agricultural season, we are ready to assist customers at any time.