Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB

The company was established in 2001 and its main business activity is the sale of grain and rapeseed in Lithuania and abroad.

Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB buys grain and rapeseed produced by Lithuanian farmers and exports them to European Union countries, Asia, and Africa.
Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB has become one of the largest partners with Lithuanian farmers in the grain and rapeseed market. Of late years, the company’s turnover increased to 170–250 million euros. In one season, the Company buys on average 900 000 tons of grain and rapeseed produced in Lithuania. Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB is presently one of the largest grain exporter in Lithuania and the Baltic States, covering about 30 to 35 percent of the Lithuanian export grain market.

Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB is increasing its grain and rapeseed storage capacities extensively, and it can receive, store and prepare for the sale over 450 000 tons of grain. There are alternate storage facilities for over 100000 tons at seaports. The export of larger and larger quantities of grain and rapeseed by vessels with loading capacity up to 70 000 tons via the Klaipėda, Liepāja, Ventspils and Rīga seaports, and by railway and road transport to the neighbouring countries has made Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB a well known and respected grain market participant. It intends to remain a reliable and useful partner for farmers with the largest network of grain and rapeseed storage facilities in Lithuania, convenient payment conditions and competitive prices.