Latagrokoncerns, SIA

Latagrokoncerns, SIA is a subsidiary company of the Agrokoncernas Group located in Dobele, an important agricultural production centre in Latvia.
In 2008, while developing its business in Latvia, the Agrokoncernas Group acquired Zemnor, SIA, one of the leading companies in the field of plant protection products and fertiliser supply, and in 2010 changed the latter’s name to Latagrokoncerns, SIA.
Thus, the Latvian farmers found a business partner that was not only able to meet their demand in plant protection products and fertiliser supply, but also in grain and rape purchase while maintaining attention to its basic values – the company’s employees and an exceptional attitude towards customers.
Latagrokoncerns, SIA offers a large selection of fertilizers for different agricultural needs such as fields, garden plants, vegetables and greenhouse plants. It also sells liquid fertilizers, grain, crop and rapeseed. A wide network of agrochemical storehouses of the Agrokoncernas Group in Lithuania guarantees prompt delivery of the products required by farmers. It also ensures the company’s competitive ability in the Latvian fertilizer market. The affiliation of Latagrokoncerns, SIA with the Agrokoncernas Group, one of the largest grain buying agents in the Baltic States, allows Latagrokoncerns, SIA to remain competitive in the field of grain and oilseed rape purchase.