About Agrokoncernas Group

The Agrokoncernas Group is currently one of the largest partners of Lithuanian farmers in the field of agrochemical service and sales of agricultural produce, as well as other spheres of agribusiness.

The company started its business in 1990 as a small advisory and trading enterprise. Nowadays, the Agrokoncernas Group is a combination of 50 dynamically growing enterprises aimed at providing the best services, newest technologies, best quality products and the most competitive prices to Lithuanian farmers.
During the 2014-2015 season, the Agrokoncernas Group sold goods and rendered services for an amount exceeding 400,7 million euros. The major enterprises providing services to the farmers within the Agrokoncernas Group are: Agrokoncernas, UAB, Agrokoncerno grūdai, UAB, and Agrokoncerno technika, UAB.

Consultation and marketing

The main objective of the Agrokoncernas Group – to share with farmers the knowledge that has been acquired through many years, the data of research done in scientific institutions and the cumulative experience, to help the farmers in choosing the needed agrochemical products, certified seeds, and agricultural machinery. It is important to us that our customers would not only be familiar with our products, with their benefit, but would also understand that the recommendations of consultants of the Agrokoncernas, UAB are necessary in achieving the goals set in their farms. Therefore, special attention is paid to counselling farmers individually on farms. The accurate knowledge of customers’ fields, of their cultivated plant varieties and of their available machinery helps to provide the most effective recommendations.
More than 35 regional representatives-consultants are not only providing consultations to the farmers in relation to important questions of plant variety selection, fertilization, plant protection, tillage and machinery, but are also offering effective products to implement the recommendations. The development of plant cultivation technology for farmers on farms shows that we are on the right track by offering the farmers not single products, but the plant cultivating techniques that require certain products with benefits based on many years of experience of science and growers.
Special attention is paid to sharing own experience with farmers. Every year, the Agrokoncernas Group is organizing workshops, crop visiting-rounds, field days, attended by more than 2500 farmers. The Agrokoncernas Group is also sharing own experience at exhibitions What you sow („Ką pasėsi“) and Agrovision (“Agrovizija“).